Every time you

tell your daughter
to say yes
to that she wants
to say no to,
you teach her
to confuse
her no with your yes,
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up
and forgets to say no
to all the things
she should’ve,

-From a bad daughter.

(because rupi kaur got me thinking. Also read her original poem from which this one is inspired.)

random number 3931

random number 3931



He took a deep breath and came close to her, overlooking knots of people strewn about him, some cussing, some getting cussed at; he wanted to touch her simply to confirm that his madness does, after all, have a real cause, like a guerrilla sliding his hand down his waist to clutch his gun and feel its cold steel solidity in the wake of an armed revolution, as if that could defy his humane doubts and plunge him into the center of his cause.

“I love you, and I feel ashamed to tell you this. You with this laugh, these fingers, these dirty pair of converse, look so human and incapable of understanding what I’m saying”.
She with her laugh, her fingers, her dirty pair of converse, drew back.
“You’re making somebody feel so loved, is that not enough for you lovers?”

random number 3931

Known too well

I looked into your eyes.

There was a truth in them.Or maybe the truth I had known,


There was love.

A reflection of my love?

But there was.A love that scares you.

So perfect that you move back

With abated breath, a heart held tightly within, trembling feet, and closed eyes

Fear of having found just what you were looking for?

What will I do?

I have known the urge, the urge too well.

And this love,

It tells me, right now, to leave you, and keep the urge with me.

I have loved the urge of loving you too long to let it go.

I have known the urge, the urge too well.

Let me keep the dreams,you take yourself away.That is the only world I have known, known too well.