Ode to Love

We have known this all our lives. We have drawn this on cards, written special names inside them punctured with an arrow.

The margins of our novels are filled with these, so are our personal diaries.

We have used it in poems, heard it in songs, and said it for as many times as there are stars in the sky.

But rarely has anyone written this poor chap an Ode.

An Ode to Love

Roses are red
violets are blue,
Oh my darling I love you.

Like the sneeze that couldn’t make it way through
or the failed blurp that inside my stomach grew,
or the metro seat that I missed too,
It’s the same miss with which I missed you
Missing you every time I think I have got you.

Dear love, you did not in my life come alone,
All your brothers and sisters had together shown,
Anger, Jealousy, envy, ecstasy, anxiety full blown,
“Baby, I am angry and shouting at you,
because I love you, you should’ve known!”

Every year, all the fools, err people, celebrate your birthday on 14th Feb,
but on this day, you have also died a many deaths,
when your brothers and sisters, remember?
revealed they are not your brothers and sisters anymore
“Baby, I am angry, because I am angry”, came to the fore.

You think you have only two enemies in this world,
mummy’s chappal, the slipper,
and papppa’s Amrish Puri roar,
“Hmm, what’s happening?”
but you are unaware
of your #1 enemy lurking somewhere,
called Satisfaction, for let me tell you,
when all the lovers are satisfied,
You will be destroyed

Let me inform everyone, you are one educated chap,
you taught me, not only chemistry, or biology
but also economics, especially the Laws of demand and supply,
the curves need to be adjusted to keep the price high,

But You are particularly good at accounts,
You know how to settle your balance sheets,
And you are an impeccable lawyer,
in fact, so good, that you create your own laws,
You, have outdone all the Dale Carnegies, Jack Canfields and the Will Smiths,
in teaching us what true motivation is,
we would have never sweated in the gym like we do,
had it not been for You.

They say there are a million ways to say I love you,
“Put your seat belt on,
Watch your step,
get some rest”
You just have to be able to listen carefully,
But I say, you talk in other languages too haan,
for example,
“I think I need some space”
“I think we need to TALK
“Gifts? I don’t like gifts”
“Surprises? I hate surprises”
You just have to be able to Listen carefully.

But at the end
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
we are not stick ons or billboards,
but you have stuck on to us like fevicol glue.