Come, Let’s fall in love.

Love has languages; it has colors; it has faces.
While walking through the steep road shining brightly like a silk galaxy under the bright shade of the evening sun, a girl holds her man’s hand. She commutes languages to him; a feeling of being there with him forever; reposing her trust in him; and an affirmation that he has managed to bewitch her and made her fall in love with him.
Sitting in the park, under the large canopy of the mango tree, a father sees his son trying hard to reach a swing. He gets up and helps him; that is a gesture of love; the sweetest gesture. He too is commuting a hundred meanings; he means to be there by his son’s side, no matter how tough his dreams might be; that father will make his son live his dreams, even if that means sacrificing his own.

Two sisters fighting day and night like there’s no tomorrow; but being there for her when she is crying at 4 am in the morning over a stupid breakup. She is born to be there for you; and you feel it your right to dictate her and command her to listen to your pointless stories.

“My love is like a star and you can’t always see me, but you know that I’m always there”

We don’t have to buy diamonds to tell our mothers that we love them; or throw a big birthday bashes for our daughters or sisters to tell them that they are valuable.
Anyone who has such means has won half the battle. But love is not a battle, it’s a ride, a journey. You do not need a wallet full of cards and crisp notes to tell them that you love them; you need no fancy words, or big surprises.
Sleep under the starry blanket of a beautiful purple sky and tell yourself that you love whoever you are; try to breathe the crispy chilling breeze of the freshly broken dawn and tell yourself that you love yourself in spite of all the bad times you ever faced.

Try giving few minutes to the ones who matter to you. A hug, a kiss; make them feel your presence even in your absence; make them feel that you are their invisible backbone. It’s an amazingly amazing feeling to be there for someone; you will begin to feel alive.
Meet people you love; do not make love so easy; a picture with them on Facebook and tagging them won’t do much.
Love has languages, it has colors, it has faces. See them all;

“Come, let’s fall in love” . 🙂




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