Virtue of Vices

  Virtue of Vices

I am not Rama , nor did I ever want to be,
I am the complete man, that nature intended man to be.
I encompass within me a moving reality ,

Reality of navrasas and dasamukhas as the world can see.

In a distant world beyond your comprehension ,
I have a life which I carry on with nine complexions.
But they ask me to shun my other heads,
And embrace only Intellect in other’s stead.

But I feel Anger running through my veins when I see the atrocities of my race,brothers and men

If it is Anger that electrifies my existence to fight for them, why do they ask me to shun it then?

Then I raise my head everyday in great Pride to see my opulent golden Lanka and its succulent culture,
If it is success that breeds pride and vanity, then why do I pray it to be eaten by a vulture?

To cut off my third head of ghastly green Jealousy would be to curb the basic human instinct
Is it not jealousy that makes us ambitious and prods us to achieve better things ?

To ask a human to eschew Happiness is not less than asking the sun to stop shining,
The river of life needs to flow along the two banks of laughter as well as whining.

Disgust it is to see Kuber carry his pouch of money and gold,
And my men with want of victuals with their souls already sold.

Forfeiting my sixth head of Love is like pleading the soul to leave the carnal bones
Is not my love for Mandodari potent enough to create flowers from stones?

I do not shudder  at the sight of Fear,for fear alone makes me believe in Shiva and his power,
Fear of losing Sita makes me value her more, and thus fear fails to make me cower.

Why does then those hundred eyes refuse to see the Compassion I felt for Sita?
Did I not refuse to touch that glory and placed her gently in Ashok Vatika?

To know that my vices and I were born to give birth to virtuous Ram, is worth a Wonder,
All these nine heads make me the mighty Ravan, the identity which I shall not surrender.

Why is it thus, not good to be bad, when I am more human than Ram?
When I have control over my mind to laugh hard and also stay calm,
Are not then my navarasas and dasmukhas too important to be shun?
When an animal who has all the nine heads seems to me, more a human?


Plunge into the unknown

And then I peeped into my hollowness and wondered , Was I this empty ever?

And then I looked at those silhouettes and wondered , Did I know them ever?

And then I looked at my colours and wondered, Were they this colourless?

And then I looked down and wondered , where my stand is?

It happens, It happens.

And then I looked up at the sky and wondered , Where my freedom is?

And then I looked at the willows and wondered , Where my verdancy is?

And then I looked at the crowd of hundred faces, and wondered Where my sanctity lies?

And then I looked at the mirror to see the shore of my river, And wondered Where my stand is?

It happens. It happens.

And then I looked into my eyes only to find the emptiness therein ,

And then I looked into my heart only to find a hope so dim,

And then I looked into others , only to find no arm to fall on

And then I looked into my soul, only to find no thread to pull me when i’m gone

It happens It happens

Whom am I to impress when everything inside seems surreal?

Whom am I to please when everything outside seems vain?

Whom am I to become when my identity is lost somewhere?

Whom am I to win, when no victory will cease the pain?

It happens It happens

You lose, even though you had won nothing ever,

You win, even though you had lost forever,

Drink the vessel , and benumb yourself,

Only If you want to know why does this happen?

Protected life is an abuse to your existence,

Risk is the way you got to break off the fence.

Fall, fall, fall so hard,

Without wondering what was written on your cards,

Let the moment plunge you into extreme rapture,

Let yourself feel delighted , when  you are but  injured.

And then you shall know Why it Happens.